Makeup by Lark

Hi there, I'm Lark! I've been practicing the art of makeup ever since my mom told me I was allowed to wear mascara in the sixth grade.  In 2013 I began my professional career in the world of cosmetics and became a licensed esthetician and makeup artist based in Denver, Colorado.

My goal as a makeup artist is to help each client find their own beauty and confidence through a few artful strokes of the makeup brush.  When people ask me "what's the best part of your job?" the answer is easy. It's the moment I hand the mirror over to my clients and watch them gasp with the joy and confidence that comes from seeing their own beauty.

Want to know some fun facts about me?

  • I teach and perform swing dancing (need help with your first dance?!).

  • I have an adorable golden retriever dachshund pup named Penny.

  • I spent the summer of 2016 acting and dancing in a show at Denver's Elitch Gardens, the summer of 2017 working for Cirque Du Soleil, and the summer of 2018 performing at the Denver Zoo!

  • I love a good comedy and can often be heard quoting The Office, Scrubs, Broad City, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

  • I believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful.

  • I absolutely love sharing my passion with others and would be thrilled to meet you!